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Core Design "Tasty" Monials Rotator module

Core Design Tasty Monials Rotator module

This module is a part of great Core Design "Tasty" Monials plugin.
Enable you to display the random testimonial in module.

Core Design Launchy module

Core Design Launchy module The new way how to orientate in your Joomla! administration.
Launchy indexes the Joomla! items like articles, modules, plugins, menus, menu items... to allow quicker and easier access to the indexed items.

Core Design Shoutbox module

Core Design Shoutbox moduleCore Design User Shoutbox module for Joomla!
This extension is a powerfull and lightweight Joomla! module that allows you to easily add an interactive shoutbox (mini chat) to your website.

Core Design My Favorite Pages module

Core Design My Favorite Pages module Core Design My Favorite Pages module for Joomla!
Add functionality to your website so visitors can save their favorite pages online so they can access them from work, home or where ever they happen to be!

Core Design Ajax Cache Cleaner

Core Design Ajax Cache Cleaner module Core Design Ajax Cache Cleaner module for Joomla! 1.5
Module for Joomla! administration that enable to clean your cache through the Ajax technology.