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Cloud Password Application Print E-mail
(37 votes)

I would like to announce a new application I'm working on at these sunny days - Cloud Password®
With this application you will discover the power of password sharing from any place on the world. If you're familiar with online services like LastPass or Passpack, or maybe desktop KeePass, you definitely know what I'm writing about.

I published this info at Thursday and recieved over 50 responses during three days! I really thank you for this unexpected interest. I really appreciate it.

Available to download

If you're a little bit paranoic the same way as I'm you know it's really hard to trust some external service and provide to them your essential security details. So you probably still keep your passwords hidden bellow the surface of your mind where it's really hard to dig it up sometimes or even worse - in some text editor in plain format.

So to prevent your brain from being crashed from overheating I came up with simple solution - and for free!

Main advantages:

  • Safety. All passwords are encrypted with AES 256 cypher.
  • Team work. Great tool for co-workers. You can easily share some passwords with single person or entire team.
  • Passwords expiration. You can set up a expiration for each password so you'll be forced to change it when it expires. It elevates the security on new level.
  • Multilingual. Don't understand English? Don't worry, me neither :-) So you can translate a few files and run Cloud Password® in your local language.
  • Solid framewok. Build up on Laravel Framework so it comes with high level standards of latest web development techniques.
  • Design. Last but not least - as any our extensions for Joomla!, this one includes the best from modern webdesign frameworks fully compatible with latest browsers. Also I'm trying to not forget about mobile devices.

Take a look on some screenshots bellow:


  Login Page DashboardPasswords in Email category New Password form Multiple passwords in Windows category Delete all passwords confirmation


Do you plan a version for Joomla!?

Nope. Joomla! is a fabulous & solid content management system but doing the job with Laravel Framework makes me more happy and I don't really want to rewrite Cloud Password application every time Joomla! introduces a new version.

May I download it? When it will be ready?

As you can see, the basics are almost done. I'm plannning to release this application during this year. You can let me to know you would really like to use it when it comes to public: Google Feedback Form
I really appreciate any feedback from you!