• Core Design Scriptegrator plugin
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    Core Design Scriptegrator pluginPlugin contains some helpful JavaScript libraries (jQuery, Highslide, Semantic, etc.). It's a necessary plugin for a most of Core Design extensions.

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  • Core Design Login module
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    Core Design Login module for Joomla! based on Highslide JS. This module displays a Username and Password login form. It also displays a link to retrieve a forgotten password. If user registration is enabled, (refer to the Configuration settings), then another link will be shown to invite users to self-register.

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  • Core Design Magic Tabs plugin
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    Core Design Magic Tabs plugin This plugin allow you easily to insert the nice tabs into your content.

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Update - Petitions plugin 3.x.3.2.0 Print E-mail

Core Design Petitions pluginUpdate - Core Design Petitions plugin for Joomla! 3.7

Changelog (3.x.3.2.0)

  • ! Compatible with Joomla! 3.7


Updates - FAQ plugin for Joomla! 3 Print E-mail

Our FAQ plugin is now compatible with Joomla! 3

FAQ plugin

Updates - Scriptegrator & Mini Polls plugin Print E-mail

Hi all, I just updates these two extensions - Scriptegrator & Mini Polls plugin. Also worth to mention - Polls extension is now fully compatible with Joomla! .

Scriptegrator plugin
Mini Polls plugin

New app - Peoplenotes Print E-mail

Hello everyone. I'm happy to announce that I've been working on new application called Peoplenotes.

What's this application for?

Well I work as a team leader in the biggest e-shop in Eastern Europe (Mall Group) and I'm responsible for our e-commerce platform across six countries. I work with many people on daily basis and I have to store information about them - what they're working on, their achievements, their goals, fails, interests and other life-pieces I can use next time we get together.

Until now I've stored all informations in Google Contacts/Drive, OneNote, occasionally in Evernote. And I was slightly annoyed evertime I forgot something just because I wasn't able to find the proper information or even say where I wrote it at first place. So I did some research (and by "research" I mean google'ling) and ended up with new app for exactly this purpose.

Now I have informations about people I've met on one place (my personal single source of truth). I can add new contacts, write some notes or add an attachment. And I can search in all those resources as well.

Testing version

Current version is just for testing purposes. You might find this application useful the same way as me and my friends. It is not even "beta" yet. Please help us to test it and if you have any questions or ideas how to improve it, please let us to know:


I'm not greedy - I want to share it with you :-)
Click on logo bellow...

Updates - Scriptegrator & Photo Contest plugin Print E-mail

Hi all, I just updated both of our favorites extensions - Scriptegrator & Photo Contest plugin. Photo Contest plugin now supports simple detail page and social sharing feature for Facebook and Twitter.

Scriptegrator plugin
Photo Contest plugin

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